Watch guest lecture on state aid and tender procedures

Cees Dekker

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Cees Dekker is a partner with law firm Nysingh in The Netherlands and has 30 years of experience in EU and Competition Law. In his practice focusing on state aid law, he advises government bodies and undertakings how to shape financial relations in such a way that they do not form illegal state aid. He has been involved in several state aid notofcation procedures with the European Commission. Apart from being a lawyer in private practice he is a guest lecturer in state aid law at the University of Amsterdam, a member of the board of editors of the journal Markt & Mededinging (“markets and competition”), as well as of the board of editors of Tijdschrift voor Staatssteun (Journal for State aid). He also is a member of the advisory committee on competition law of the Dutch Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and of the advisory committee on competition law of the Netherlands Bar Association. Recently he has been appointed as non-governmental advisor for the European Commission in the International Competition Network.