At the home institutions there are several courses that covers competition law and economics. Some of them cover only economic issues, other only law issues, and some of them the combination of law and economics.


    • Economics of Vertical Restraints, a PhD Course, organized by the Norwegian School of Economics and the University of Bergen, held at BECCLE, 19 – 28 May 2015. Academic responsibility: Professor Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen, University of Bergen. Lecturers: Professor Greg Shaffer, University of Rochester and University of Bergen, and professor Thibaud Vergé, CREST and the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).


    • Competition law BUS442: Konkurranserett, Master course, Norwegian School of Economics. Teachers: Erling Hjelmeng and Frode Steen.


    • Competition analysis BUS441: Konkurranseanalyse, Master course, Norwegian School of Economics. Teachers Hans Jarle Kind and Sissel Jensen.


    • Competition Policy ECON 365: Konkurransepolitikk, Master course, Department of Economics, University of Bergen. Teachers: Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen, Bjørn Olav Johansen.










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