New publication: Konkurransepolitikk

Konkurransepolitikk – Rettslig og økonomisk analyse

Erling Hjelmeng
Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, Professor II at the Norwegian School of Economic, and associated with BECCLE.

Lars Sørgard
Professor at the Department of Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics, and BECCLE

The book deals with the interaction between law and economics in shaping competition policy, and the legal and economic basis for intervention.

By providing an introduction to the economic analysis, the legal framework, and the interdisciplinary interaction in between, the book aims to improve the understanding of competition policy and explain the substance of the analysis to be applied in individual cases. Amongst others, the book considers methods for detecting marked power, defining the relevant market, conducting the competitive analysis, and the methods to be applied within the three pillars of Competition Law; abuse of dominance, anti-competitive agreements, and mergers and acquisitions.
Publisher: Fagbokforlaget
Published: Bergen, 12 May 2014
Language: Norwegian
ISBN: 978-82-450-1582-9