New publication: EØS-rett


Halvard H. Fredriksen
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, and BECCLE.

Gjermund Mathisen
Senior Officer, EFTA Surveillance Authority, Legal and Executive Affairs.

The book offers an introduction to the substance of EEA Law and deals with the institutional framework of EEA Law.

A key issue is the relationship to EU Law, hereunder the mechanisms for the continuously amendments to the EEA Agreement and the distinct methodological challenges which follows from the goal of homogeneity. Further, the book deals with rules for controlling the EFTA EEA Member State’s compliance with the EEA Agreement and consequences for non-compliance. Special attention is given to the implementation and impact of EEA Law in the Member State’s internal legal system – both in the EFTA EEA Member States (with emphasis on Norwegian Law), and in the EU and EU Member States. The book is suitable as an introduction to EU and EEA Law for law students, as well as it might be of interest to experienced lawyers.
Publisher: Fagbokforlaget
Published: Bergen, 17 June 2014
Language: Norwegian
ISBN: 978-82-450-1643-7